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Antonio Florentino NetoEder Soares Santos


Heidegger and Eastern Thought is a very exciting subject because Heidegger was from the beginning of his teaching activities constantly in contact with both Eastern thought and Eastern thinkers and that long and intense relationship left evident traces in his writings. To date, these traces are the object of a fruitful discussion regarding the impact of that contact on Heidegger’s work. The discussion on that relationship raises an intense exchange between Eastern thought and Heidegger’s legacy. From the 1940s, Heidegger not only makes use of the central concepts of Eastern thought, but also exposes in a clear and direct way his position on the possibility of a dialogue between Western and Eastern thought in his most particular writing: “On a conversation about language between a Japanese and an inquirer” written in dialogue form in the late 1950s which will guide the main subsequent discussions on the relationship of his thinking with the Eastern world.

ISBN: 978-85-66045-00-0

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The Inevitable dialogue with the eastern world: Heidegger and the East

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